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    Backing up backups with Crashplan?



      Backing up backups with Crashplan?


           I am using FM server 12.  I make hourly, daily, weekly backups, as well as progressive backups.  I use Crashplan to backup my backup copies offsite.  Crashplan uses "data de-duplication" and compression and although my backup archive correctly lists all backup files, 215mb of backups is showing up as 6.6 mb on my offsite backup disk.  This leads me to believe that maybe not all backup copies exist on this disk? Crashplan says otherwise, but I'm having a hrad time believing 215mb can fit into 6.6mb.  Anyone knowledgable on this topic?


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               Test it.

               Use the whatever features in Crashplan that are intended to restore the back up copy and see what you get. Crashplan may be making a "progressive" back up where only the portion of the file that is different from what has already been saved is added to the archive.If so and If the data in your database changes slowly from day to day, much of the data in different back up copies may be exactly the same when the files are compared byte by byte and your archive may then grow very slowly.

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                 Thanks, I believe this is how it works.  The question I should have asked: is this a decent backup solution, or would I be better server by a solution that doesn't backup progressively?  I'm trying to cover all bases on the event of database corruption, catastrophic event, etc

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                   The key to a good backup scheme is that it meet the following requirements:

                   Multiple copies of your data must be backed up "frequently". How frequently depends on how rapidly data changes in your database, but a minimum of a nightly, verified backup is usually required and hourly backups are often a good idea if they can be produced without adverse performance hits for the users.

                   These copies should be kept in at least two geographically separate locations. Two different computers in the same building does not meet this requirement. If a disaster should destroy the building, you lose your data even though you have it in two different computers.

                   The back up copies must be readily available 24/7 so that they can be used to restore files or data contained in them on a moments notice.

                   At least one additional backup copy a month should be perserved in perpetuity.(the nightly backups can be a set of 21 to 30+ files where the oldest file is deleted each night to be replaced by the latest backup.)

                   As far as the progressive backup that Crashplan may be creating, as long as it is not the only back up archive and you can extract separate backup copies originally created on different dates, then it should be able to be part of a decent back up scheme.

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                     Yea, I have a nightly set up [verify and clone], keep up to 30 copies.

                     Hourly between 8-6p, [NO verify/clone], keep 99 copies

                     Weekly [Verify and clone], keep 52 copies.

                     I have a duplicate schedule that also creates backups to the 2nd HDD in the mac mini [I staggered it to run a few minutes after the first backups to the FMS HDD].


                     Every night, I have Crashplan backup the backup sets to 2 offsite locations.