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Backing up specific (project) records

Question asked by brodlang on Nov 6, 2013
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Backing up specific (project) records


     All of our FMP work in done in projects. Therefore whenever we open a form, data is presented in a found set for the particular project the user is working on.  Pretty standard.  Has anyone got a good scheme for backing up all the relevant data (5 or 6 tables) just for a particular project?  Often on a large project or a project that requires extensive editing, we want to save our original and/or current data before we start so that we can restore it if necessary.  Should I export to new empty db tables?  If so, should I be creating a new db for each occurrance or put all the different back ups together?  Before I get too far into it, I was hoping someone might have a reasonable working system they could describe.

     We will be setting up a daily back up routine, and I know I can find the data here, but this won't always work for us.

     Thanks, BL