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    Backup / Restore



      Backup / Restore


      well good news and bad news. the server crashed and the file was open. i recovered it from a backup but a lot of data is lost. i did the recovery on the file that had data, it opens fine but FM says not to use it. how do i export the records from that file and move them to the File from a backup that had less records??

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          Option 1: (simpler, safer, but takes longer)

          Open your back up and use Save a Copy as... with the clone option to get an empty copy of the file. Then import all your data from the recovered copy of the file into this clone. In addition to making sure that all records from all tables get imported, you will also need to update any serial number settings so that new records won't get auto-entered serial numbers that match existing records.

          Option 2:

          Open your recovered file. For each table in it: Perform a find for all records that have been added/changed since the backup was made. Import these found sets into your back up and update serial number settings. This option may be easy, difficult or impossible depending on the design and use of your database.

          Either approach uses Import Records--though the settings may differe and you need to identify and update any serial number fields. This process may be scripted.

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            dude your option 1 worked! thanks!