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Backup db's

Question asked by lawson23 on Apr 21, 2010
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Backup db's


I would like to backup my few db's in Filemaker Pro Advanced 10 that we use via web publishing.


I can do this anyway (scheduled or when records are written) as long as it is automatic so I need either a script inside FMP or a batch outside.


here are my thoughts but I'm sure everyone has a better method.

Is there a command I can run that would close one specific db as I can set this DB to copy the DB's as it is closing for a backup.  I don't know of anyway to do this though on a schedule or anything.


I was thinking of issuing a Kill command on the filemaker pro advanced.exe file I'm taking it this would also kill "fm web publishing.exe"  Then use any standard xcopy command and then send a command to open a db that will open all db's backup which is how I start FMP when the machine is rebooted.


I'm sure there is a better way than doing the kill command so if anyone can suggest a better backup method for FMP please reply.