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Backup script for different PCs possible?

Question asked by grouper on May 4, 2014
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Backup script for different PCs possible?


     Hi all

     I 've created a DB which is currently saved in a dropbox folder, so that I can have access to it from different locations. I mainly use it from my desktop and my laptop. I 'd like to set up a script (or maybe another simpler way) so that each time I close the database, a copy would be saved to a specific folder on each computer. In order not to confuse FM, i guess that I should create at the desktop of each PC the same folder, named X, and inside it create another folder named FM_Backups, which is the target folder for the database copy.

     But since I may access it from yet another PC that is not mine and i wouldn't want a copy to be saved there, the backup process should prompt me with a pop-up window each time i close the database, asking for permission to create the backup.

     is that possible in FM?