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    backup script problem



      backup script problem


      FM 12 Adv. Below is a script that I use to back up to a Backup folder in the parent directory (of the database file). It has suddenly stopped working. I can't see anything that is causing the problem. I get the error "file could not be created on the disk. Use a different name...........". The only thing that has changed is that I loaded FM 14 Adv and then uninstalled it because of a compatibility problem with Windows 7. I don't see how this could have anything to do with it.


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          If you have the Filemaker 12 Advanced version, have you tried to run the script with the script debugger? This could give you more of a hint where exactly your error occurs.

          The script debugger allows you to step through your script one step at a time and tells you if there was an error.

          The data viewer can show you what kind of variable are being created.

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            FileMaker 14 works just fine for me in WIndows 7 and there are no reports over in Report an Issue that report such a "compatibility problem with Windows 7".

            Your script relies on two key things outside of FileMaker and Windows 7 has been known to need them to be "reset" from time to time:


            • must resolve to a valid file path. Since this is a shared location, check to make sure that you have this ahared location correctly mapped using exactly the same file path.
            • The folder "Backup" must be set up with "Write" permission for the current user. These permission settings may have been changed or even corrupted.

            To test both settings, quit FileMaker and just tryp copyig any available file to this back up director directly. If you can't get to the directory without mapping it or changing permission settings, you've identified the problem.

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              I did use the script debugger. It simply gave the error 800 (Unable to create file on disk). The Data Viewer showed the variable $filename to be correct.

              With FM closed, I am able to copy files manually to the Backup folder so I suppose that sharing is not a problem.

              I always have twouble trying how to figure out aa valid file path a difficult when using the Save a Copy as script step since use of the dialog box isn't very clear. However, I think that “file:Backup/$filename” is stated correctly when the folder Backup is in the same directory as the database file.

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                To check FilePaths, I use a special file where I can insert a file from the specified directory into a container "by reference" and then a calculation field shows me the file path to it. It even calculates special versions that use a Get ( Function ) if such can be used for the location from which I inserted the file.

                If interested, you can get a copy of the file from: Exploring the use of a $Path Variable in Scripts

                Note: the calculation used to extract file names in this file is obsolete. It still works, but GetContainerAttribute provides a much simpler method for getting the file name from a container field.

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                  After I loaded FM 14 adv, I found that when I opened my FM 13 files the layouts did not zoom correctly: at 100% zoom, they were too large to fit on the screen; at 75%, it they were much too small. I have many FM 13 files and I developed all of them at 100% zoom.

                  FM tech support told me that this problem is known to occur when the Windows 7 Display is not at 100%. I have been using the Display 125% for many years and setup my FM 13 files with this setting. FM Tech Support suggested for FM 4 I that should use a Display setting of 100% and that I should then adjust the monitor screen resolution. I fiddled with combinations of Display and resolution settings for a few days but found that I could not get unsatisfactory results for FM and other Windows applications (like Word). Although I could adjust each Windows application one by one I decided that for my needs, the new features in FM 14 were not worth the time and effort needed to make these adjustments. Also, these changes will come back to haunt you when the time comes to reinstall Windows or to reload applications.

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                    Both FileMaker 13 and 14 can fail to correctly display FileMaker layouts if the display control panel is not set at 100%. Note that this is not unique to FileMaker 14 and my layouts did not change when I opened my files in 14 on windows 7.

                    From 12 to 13 (or was it 11 to 12?) there was a change in how windows layouts scaled and that could result in layouts displaying differently than originally designed if you were using a windows display other than 100%. Then we got a bug that makes it pretty much mandatory for FMP 13 and 14 to use a display setting of 100%.

                    So I do not recommend that you use FileMaker 13 or 14 at any windows display setting other than 100% until they fix this issue. (I was surprised and disappointed that 14 does not fix this one as it can render some high resolution displays unusable for FileMaker/windows.)

                    For the difference in display you are reporting, did you check to see if the "enlarge window contents" preference was specified for your FMP 14 installation? That would produce a display difference in about the percentage you are describing.

                    For More Information see:     FM13v02 - with fatal rendering issues!!!

                    This is one of many acknowledged bugs that can be found in the Known Bug List thread here in the Report an Issue section of the forum.

                    It can also be downloaded as a database file from:    https://www.dropbox.com/s/jt09b82i0xijbu3/FMP%20Bugs.zip