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Backup script when closing this file problem

Question asked by xtremu on Sep 1, 2011
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Backup script when closing this file problem


 I have two tables: Student and AccessLog table, In my AccessLog table i have a global Count Field field so that FM would not increment record each time you close the application. I want FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced backup the current records (all records) in my AccessLog table when you close the application at the end of the day. I have the destination path already for the backup files to save/store and it works good.

Let say first time you close the application, we have 10 records in the backup file. ("BACKUP" = name of backup file), then when you add another 5 records, then close the application it only update/or save the current records (10+5) = 15 records on that the same file or BACKUP file. That's my problem that I can't figure out how to solve this and because Im new in scripting.

(Let say after we have "BACKUP" file in the destination area.)

I want to:

1. Have another file when I close the application containing the current records on the database. (Let say "BACKUP - 1" file in the destination area.), then

2. Clear the records in database of AccessLog table for new records on the next time you open the application/system. The back to number 1, then number 2-loop.

Here's my script:

Set field [AccessLog::Count Field; AccessLog::Count Field + 1]

If [AccessLog::Count Field > 0]

Save a Copy as ["Day"; copy] # Day is the filename of a backpu file save on the designated path

Set Field [AccessLog::Count Field;0]

End If


Please help and thanks in advanced.