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Backup to MobileMe

Question asked by DaVikes on Mar 31, 2009
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Backup to MobileMe




I would love it if Filemaker included a backup feature allowing me to schedule a backup to MobileMe nightly.  It might even drive subscription sales for MobileMe.  But that would make too much sense, so has anyone written a script to do a nightly backup (or save as) at a certain time, and then return to the original open file?  Once I get a script that works, I think I have two options to backup the copy. 1) I can put the copy into a folder, then I'll use Apple's Backup to get it to MobileMe.  2)I could put the copy on Idisk and let it sync automatically.  I wouldn't plan on working on the Idisk cloud copy, just using it as backup.  Which is best for what I'm trying to do?   I'm using FM10/ OSX 10.4.


BTW, I love using FM10 and find it much more user friendly than FM9.