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    Bad quality printing of images



      Bad quality printing of images



           I have a problem with the printing of the badges for our next big event.

           I have 236 badges to print from the database.

           Pictures are included in a layout built for that purpose, with a web viewer because the picture are also the community profile avatars.

           The quality in Browse mode is quite good. I can Zoom in multiple times and pictures continue to look nice.

           But, as soon as I go in Preview mode, Filemaker generates the view and reduce dramatically the quality of pictures.

           So even if I print to a PDF with high quality, the picture still remain pixelized. We are hardly able to recognize people on the badge picture. :(

           My only thought yet was to print in PDF A3 and then export to JPG and then resize to A4 with Photoshop and then print. It's a lot of work! Page per page! And even the quality is not that good that in Browse Mode. :(

           Do you have any advice for this situation?

           Is there anywhere we can set the quality of the treatment of images by Filemaker? It's like it uses a 60 of 100 in the JPEG quality scale, or maybe less.

           I tried to print also in XPS, with "Images: PNG - Lossless compression" but anyway, Filemaker reduces the picture quality BEFORE sending it to the printer driver. Can anybody help?

           Thanks a lot,


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               It sounds like your Printer driver to me.  Can you print a badge without using FMP?  What is your FMP version and Platform.?  I think the Preview mode uses the last Print Driver Page setup and resolution.

               I was unclear on if it was a graphic avatar or had a digital photo of the attendees.

               BTW PDF does nothing to improve resolution, only the input device and output device are the limiting factor.  Your best resoutions are TIF, RAW and PNG for input types.  The higher the resolution, the larger the file size.  JPG is small file, calculated resolution.

               Photoshop can smooth, calculate and other tricks to improve the "Dots"  but even then the DPI is set by the input file.

               What is the DPI for your printer?


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                 Not sure that this will make a difference, but can you use a container field instead of the web viewer? (I'd try a test with just one or two avatar image files first before trying to set this up will all the images.)

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                   You're definetly right. I found a way using a field container, thanks to 360works Scriptmaster function:

              GetURLasContainer( url )

                   It worked well. Pictures now are correct;y displayed in Preview mode, and moste likely on paper!

                   Thanks a lot.