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Bad quality printing of images

Question asked by cns on Jun 7, 2013
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Bad quality printing of images



     I have a problem with the printing of the badges for our next big event.

     I have 236 badges to print from the database.

     Pictures are included in a layout built for that purpose, with a web viewer because the picture are also the community profile avatars.

     The quality in Browse mode is quite good. I can Zoom in multiple times and pictures continue to look nice.

     But, as soon as I go in Preview mode, Filemaker generates the view and reduce dramatically the quality of pictures.

     So even if I print to a PDF with high quality, the picture still remain pixelized. We are hardly able to recognize people on the badge picture. :(

     My only thought yet was to print in PDF A3 and then export to JPG and then resize to A4 with Photoshop and then print. It's a lot of work! Page per page! And even the quality is not that good that in Browse Mode. :(

     Do you have any advice for this situation?

     Is there anywhere we can set the quality of the treatment of images by Filemaker? It's like it uses a 60 of 100 in the JPEG quality scale, or maybe less.

     I tried to print also in XPS, with "Images: PNG - Lossless compression" but anyway, Filemaker reduces the picture quality BEFORE sending it to the printer driver. Can anybody help?

     Thanks a lot,