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Bad Word Checking in Kiosk GO solution

Question asked by digitalemu on May 1, 2013
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Bad Word Checking in Kiosk GO solution


     Hi guys. 
     I'm a little stumped here and thought I might jump on the forums for a little help. 

     I am creating a Kiosk solution for a client that will be used only on GO for iPad which will be locked to the app. 

     My issue is that the clients workers need access to the web, but it needs to be policed. 

     I have completed the system that begins the checking process and ends it... however, the part of the script that "checks" the URL is a simple

     If(PatternCount(iPad::URL;"BADWORD1") ≥ 1; 1;
     If(PatternCount(iPad::URL;"BADWORD2") ≥ 1; 1;  etc, etc... type system. 

     Which, as you can see, is not a long term solution. 

     What I would like to do, is create a system that will "check" the URL (or html content) of the page being visited against a list of "bad words" generated by the client themself. 

     And this is where I am stuck. 
     How do I have a system that checks PART of a URL against an entire list... 
     Any suggestions would be awesome guys... thanks.