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    Balance Report



      Balance Report


           Can someone tell me how to create a Balance Report (Layout) that shows how much money I’ve spent (products, supplies, etc.), the total value of my products, how much I’ve made from sales, and my profit margin?

           I’m using the starter Invoices database for an online clothing store, which lists all of my products in the products table.  The invoice details layout tracks all of my transactions as either Income (product sales) or Expense (product purchases, shipping, supplies, etc.).  I have a script that changes the price on the invoice to a (-) number if the Transaction type is “Expense”. 

           I’ve attached images of the products details layout, the invoice layouts showing “Income” and “Expense”, and the relationships. 


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               Here is the second image

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                 Do you want to see a report that looks like this:

                     Item 1    income amount
                     Item 2    income amount
                     // and so forth for all income items

                 Total gross Income


                      Item 1   Expense amount
                      Item 2   Expense amount
                      // and so forth for all expense items

                 Total Expenses

                 Total Profit

                 And this can be a report for all invoices in a specified date range and the items need not be listed, it an just show the subtotaled income and expenses and Total Profit if you don't need to see the individual items.

                 This is produced with a summary report. See this tutorial on how to create such: searches on related table