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Balances in accounting database

Question asked by laneystewart on Sep 1, 2009
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Balances in accounting database


I have a database that has financial data, (deposits, items paid and encumbered) for 6 seperate types of accounts.  I have set up a tables to give me the correct account information according to that type code (2,4,6 or7).  Now I need to develop a layout that I can get balances to calculate when a user chooses an account to view the detailed account actions on.  


The data entry all goes into one table right now, so I can not use the index number tied to the record that has been suggested here in the past.  I have tried to get a found set(by account number) and If the record number is not 1 then use the GetNthRecord(this record number -1) to get the previous balance from the record above it.  This is not working.  Does anyone have a database like this and how have you created a running balance in this type of environment?  Any help would be great!