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Band and Orchestra Attendance Help

Question asked by builder on Apr 9, 2009
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Band and Orchestra Attendance Help



    I am fairly new to Filemaker (using version 10). I am trying to make a attendance list for music students enrolled in band and orchestra. So far I have the following.....


Student Record (studentID, name, instrument, grade, ensemble, etc.


Band Attendance (Date, bandIDfk)


Orchestra Attendance (Date, orchestraIDfk)


I have the tables related between the ensemble field and the repective bandIDfk and orchestraIDFK. The ensemble field is not a unique id (though each student has a unique id), it is a check box list of Orchestra, Concert Band, and Jazz Band. 


I then have a portal in each attendance layout that lists all the students' that have that ensemble selected in their student record. 


It displays the information exactly the way I want it too, But I thought I could add a "Present\Absent" field to each portal and have a checkbox display to take attendance, unfortunately they all get set to the same value which makes sense.... 


How can I added a field in the attendance layout that will give me the option of selecting a present\absent for each student record?


I hope I am explaining myself clearly.


Thanks so much