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    Bar charts



      Bar charts


      I created a filemaker pro 11 database on a mac with 10.6.3 with 5 simple fields.  One was a drop down with 4 choices.  I want to create a bar chart of the results from this field for the whole database.  


      I can't find any help on this topic in the documentation or in the forums.  Can anyone help?

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          I am not sure if I understand what you are trying to do based on the information you provided...  Hopefully this helps.


          If you place the X-axis in the Xaxis, and the yaxis in the location, you should notice towards the bottom of the dialog, the Use Data From : "current found set" and a checkbox that states "show data points for..."


          Try checking the checkbox and then looking at the chart in browse mode.

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            Hmm didn't work.  The database is very small, is there a way I could get you to look at it and tell me if it is possible to create the chart I want?

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              I'm not exactly sure what you're looking for, even if I was to look at it.

              Can you tell me what fields you have and what you're trying to chart?

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                If your database is very small, perhaps there aren't enough records in the found set to "trigger" the smallest unit displayed by the graph. Although I use FMPA 10, I've found a way to use bar graphs and have encountered this situation before.



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                  Yep here are the fields:


                  Name - text

                  Date - calendar drop down

                  Time - auto filled

                  Lesson - choice drop down list

                  Reason- text


                  The database was designed to help me look for patterns in children's behaviour which results in them being sent out of class.  I'm trying to graph the lesson field to see a particular lesson has more children being sent out than others. 


                  When the chart is plotted all I get are the axis with the choices from the lesson drop down and a vertical numbered axis (this is what I want)  but all the bars are zero even though there are 10 records filled in which should show maths being the predominant bar.


                  Any ideas why Filemaker is not plotting the data?

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                    Many thanks all sorted, however I needed to use the sort function on the lesson field to get the graph to display properly.