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    bar charts



      bar charts


      Is it posable to create a report that contains a bar chart from another table? how do i do it?

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          If you can display the data you want to chart in a portal, it is then also possible to chart that related data. Can't say much more than that without knowing more about what you want to do and the relationships involved, though it is also possible to capture the image of a chart and store it in a container field--which can give you additional options for how you want to display it.

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            I have been tracking coverage for a client in a table where each record has details of the coverage and the date of the coverage. I would like to do a graph that shows how many records where created in each month, my understanding is that i need two fields, one that contains a list of the months for the x-axis and one that contains a list of the counts for each month for the y-axis. I have managed to create the list for the months. i'm struggling to get a count for records in a month. 

            I am doing 3 months at a time with my report so I have created 3 fields called month1, month2 and month3 I then created a further filed with list(month1; month2; month3) if you know a better way of doing that i would be greatful

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              "my understanding is that i need two fields, one that contains a list of the months for the x-axis and one that contains a list of the counts for each month for the y-axis. I have managed to create the list for the months. i'm struggling to get a count for records in a month."

              For the months, I recommend this calculation field: cMonth: DateField - Day ( DateField ) + 1. If you sort your records on this field, they will be grouped by month and the month groups will be in chronological order. You can use the MonthName function to extract the name of the month for the labels in your bar chart.

              For the counts, specify a summary field as the "count of" your date field or any other field that is never empty. Use this summary field for your Y Axis values and be sure to specify these two options for your chart:

              1. Use Data From Current Found Set
              2. Show data points for groups of records when sorted.


              Then make sure to sort your records by cMonth to properly group them for your bar chart.

              This chart won't work from a layout based on a different table. It should be set up on the table of the records being summarized. Making this chart appear on a layout based on a different table will be a bit more complex. You'll need to describe that layout, the table it is based on and how it is related to this table before I can explore options with you on how you might make that happen.

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                Your a star

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                  ok, new problem! I want to add other graphs to the report, that will require things to be sorted differently. is there a script avalable that can count occurances of words in a found set?

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                    Not always a simple thing to do. Can you describe your entire charting needs for this report? I'd hate to help you into a corner you can't easily get out of.

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                      ok, I hope I can explain this right.

                      We run a small PR firm with a handfull of clients. Part of my job (dogsbody) is to search and record coverage that our clients get. I have a table that is linked to other tables via costomer. I record publication, date, type of cover (4 options here: tweet, feature, news, mention). I also recorde key messges that are selected from any number of 7 messages, (entered via a tick box).

                      every 3 months I have to run a report, (that up to now i have used excel for). I need to, as well as have text boxes for comments, show a graph for total coverage for each month, (bar chart). another shows %of each key message for the month, for example last month had 60 items of coverage, 25% said that they are a great company, 65%said that they are leaders of their field, 99% said that they are good at.. so the graph has 7 bars for each month, and 3 months total. Finaly i have another graph similar to the first. as in it shows total for each month, but broken down into type, ie tweet, news, feature or mention.

                      Clear as mud i know.

                      I had thought about creating another table that extracts totals from the first table. ie i filter by company and date range then it totals up all the coverage each section for that month. i can then do the maths to get reults i need for graphs. but this has not worked thus far.

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                        What I'm looking for is what tables you have set up to store this data and how they are related to each other. That gives us the basic foundation on which to build here.

                        So far, you appear to have two tables: customers, and Coverage with this relationship:

                        Customers::CustomerID = Coverage::CustomerID

                        Please confirm if that is correct and add any additional tables you are using and how they are related to each other.

                        Is this report a report for one customer, a report for all customers with a section for each customer or ???

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                          The data base has lots of tables: customer, invoices, projects, coverage, press contacts, events, status tables, all joined together by customer ID. although the data i need is all in coverage. I would like to be able to do the report for all customers, although currently only one of them actualy requests it. I invisaged being able to go to a layout ( from "coverage reports" table), and select new record and fill in customer ID and date range and all the graphs are automaticaly done for me.


                          hope this is enouph.

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                            "the data i need is all in coverage"

                            I'm not clear on how many charts for a given customer are needed and how each chart differs from the others. You have described a chart that shows how many records were created each month and another (pie chart?) that provides some kind of break down by "key message". Are these the only two charts you need or are there others?

                            What does one record in this table look like? (What field store data to identify the customer and the what store data we need to count/summarize to produce are charts?)