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Barcode creation and finding records

Question asked by jviola on Jul 11, 2013
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Barcode creation and finding records


     Hi there!

     I'm looking for a solution to a FMP database of wines which I've tasted blind (i.e. without knowing which one each is). Currently, my assistant pre-inputs varous fields for each record (= one wine tasted) with information such as "country", "region", "grape varietal" etc. Each new record also has an automatic number which is created in ascending order in the database and = the record number. My assistant will create a new record for each wine, and makes sure that whatever the number of each wine happens to be, this is the same as the number on the front of an opaque bag. When I taste, I got on to the tasting layout which only displays the bottle number and notes for me to put in my review and not the other information, and make sure the number on the bag and the file are the same, taste the wine and edit the review section, and then can switch layout to data entry and view which wine it was without having to type in all the information myself.

     This is all very well, but a much better system would be at creation of each new record of each new wine, for my assistant to create a barcode unique to that record, print the barcode out and stick it on the top of the bottle. That way, instead of worrying about numbers, I could just scan the barcode in the tasting layout to bring up the corresponding record but without seeing the other fields, and be sure that the record corrresponded to the wine bottle being tasted? I know that barcode creation in Filemaker is supported with plugins, but what would people recommend as far as software and hardware (scanner/iPhone/bar code printer)? I need the ability to input the barcode in a separate, full layout, but search for it in the tasting, less complete layout where not all the fields are shown.

     Thanks so much for any responses!