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    Barcode data triggering a script



      Barcode data triggering a script


           Hi all,

           I have a testing database that allows users to "click" an onscreen test button so they can then scan asset numbers, serial numbers and and other information into fields as required....pretty straight forward and all working fine.

           However the team operating it has said they always have to go back to the pc and click on test. What they would like is the ability to scan the word *test* (Code 39) when there are no fields active. (ie after the completion of a test).

           I have tried using "onlayoutkeystroke" but cannot seem to work out a way for a script to interpret the full word (ie I can only get it to trigger off one letter!)

           Any thoughts?



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               It's easiest if you can use that one letter, possibly with a modifier key such as shift or caps lock. (It depends on your scanner as to whether including modifier keys is possible.)

               I've set up one scanner to be triggered with shift-caps lock ~. That's one character with two modifier keys.

               The script doesn't have to interpret any words, though, it just puts the cursor in the correct text field to receive the rest of the scanned data, then a second trigger is tripped by text at the end of the scan (I prefer tab, enter or return to trigger onObjectExit) to process the data that no sits in a global text field--either looking up data or creating a new record.

               You could use a onLayoutKeystroke to detect a word by appending each triggering keystroke into a global field or variable, but why would you want to do this?