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Barcode font not displayed when opening remote database

Question asked by MarkPinson on Jan 12, 2011
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Barcode font not displayed when opening remote database


Using Macintosh FM Pro 11 Adv upgraded from 8.5.

This plain old 3of9 True Type barcode font displays correctly on the db viewed at the server. However, when the db is opened remotely the barcode font is not displayed at the remote workstation, and is instead substituted with a regular text font. The barcode text info is correct.

This behavior is consistent even if I open the database at a remote machine from the server over the network; In other words, simply using File->Open, not using Open Remote. While the font is active on all workstations, I have noticed that when I open the db as an admin over the network, Filemaker does not recognize the availability of the font if I access that field's formatting in the layout.

The font is available and recognized correctly on the server.

Has anyone else experienced this?