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Barcode Issue with Filemaker Pro 6

Question asked by DumontMusic on Nov 14, 2012
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Barcode Issue with Filemaker Pro 6


     Hello, this is my first time posting and would really appreciate any help possible.  Back in ’99 my company setup a Filemaker Pro system with brand new iMacs.  Within that system there was a field for a shipping label barcode (it created a barcode for the customers account number).  Basically, all we did was  begin and end this field with an “*” and it knew to create a barcode for the label.  Well, we have been updating our computers with newer iMacs but we are still running the same Filemaker Pro 6.  For some reason the newer computers do not recognize that it should be a barcode and it is just leaving the account number with the asteriks included, it is not turning it into a barcode like it was designed to do.  Both the old and new computers are both set at the same font.  I have even tried downloading a couple different barcode fonts but they are not scannable when I print them.