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    Barcode Scanner Script



      Barcode Scanner Script



      I am trying to get a barcode scanner to integrate with Filemaker Pro (not Filemaker go).

      The scanner reads the barcodes that I have created using a plug in. I can assume that the barcode has been read in successfully as there is a beep sound after each scan.

      I have a tab character after each scan as I plan to loop through the scans and place them in successive records of the same field. There is a $ at the beginning of the first scan. I have the following script which is set up to run on the event "On layout keystroke". I have used the script debugger and the script is never invoked. can anybody help ? thanks

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          Where does a "plug in" come in to play here?

          Have you configured the scanner to put the keystrokes for caps lock, shift and the $ at the beginning of your scanned text?

          (Trigger Modifier key value 3, means that the caps lock and shift key are down.)

          Not all scanners can be configured to include modifier keys in the "pre-amble" so you may have to remove the test for modifier keys here.

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            Hi Phil,

            The plug in was to used to generate the actual bar codes.

            I did not realise the significance of the trigger modifier so I have removed this. I have also reset my scanner so that there are currently no special characters at the start of the scan. At this stage I just want to see the scanned bar codes in my system - I can go back and put the test for $ at the end when everything is working ok.

            So currently my script is simply the "GOTO Field" step line in the above which is set to trigger onlayoutkeyboard stroke. However nothing actually happens within Filemaker when I use the scanner. Can you help ? Thanks

            kind regards