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    Barcode Scanning



      Barcode Scanning


           I would like to create an application that would use a BlueTooth Scanner to read barcodes and write them to a table.  Does anyone know of a tutorial or where I can get this info?

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               How will you use the scanner?

               Connected to a computer or to an iOS device?

               Will you scan and process one barcode at a time or will the device scan multiple barcodes and then input all of them at once into the computer?

               Can the scanner operate in "Keyboard Emulation Mode"? (In keyboard emulation mode, the data is received by the computer as though a very good typist typed in the data.)

               If you will be using Keyboard Emulation Mode--the default mode for most scanners you'd use with a regular computer, this thread may be helpful: Need help writing script to integrate barcode scanning

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                 This will be used with an iOS device. There would be about 1200 fabrics to scan.  However, after each fabric scan I need for the application to verbally tell me if the fabric is discontinued or valid.  When all 1200 fabrics are scanned then I need to create a report that tells me which fabrics were scanned and which ones are  missing from a complete set. We are acomplishing this now using a an old Compaq Ipaq and a custom written application.  Can this be created with FM?


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                   I don't know if it can or not as this would be done in FM Go, not FM Pro. There are a number of threads on scanning barcodes in the FM GO Forum. You may want to search them out and see if they help shed some light on the subject. The approach you are using does not use keyboard emulation so the thread I posted will not likely be of much use to you.

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                In my project i need to read qr code barcodes using a barcode scanner through bluetooth. i.e; i've already establish a connection between android device and barcode scanner through bluetooth. If you still haven't solve the problem, you may refer to Bluetooth Developer Guide here: http://developer.android.com/guide/topics/connectivity/bluetooth.html

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                  I am sure this can be accomplished quite easily in filemaker and run perfectly well on FMGo.

                  The fact you want instant feedback as to the validity or discontinued status of a fabric would rule out batch scanning (scan all barcodes with just a scanner and upload as a single batch)

                  I would presume you will require a master fabric table which would hold the barcode info, description and supply status for every fabric in your system. This table would need to be maintained and updated every time a new fabric is introduced or becomes unavailable.

                  Your scanning table would be related to the master table by the barcode number, every time you create a new scan in the scan table it would find the information in the master table and populate say the fabric Name and availability. ... that's your visual feed back.

                  With regard to reporting, you would need  a field in your scan table and assign it a batch number for all the scans you make during a particular day, week or month. you could then filter your scan table to to only show these scans and exclude previous scan batches.

                  With your found set ( a particular batch of scans) you can then report on missing scan info for products in your master table, discontinued products or valid products. 

                  With regard to the actual barcode scanner, make sure the one you purchase is both 2D comparable for your QR codes and supports iOS as well as having keyboard emulation. The scanner should be capable of suppressing the popup keyboard on the iOS device as there is nothing more annoying as seeing the keyboard appear every time you enter a scan field in a scanning application.

                  The internal camera of an iPhone or iPad can also be used as the scanning device, it is not as quick as a bluetooth scanner but functions perfectly well. It may be the best option while your developing your solution before investing a few hundred $$ in a BT scanner for your final application.


                  If you have no requirement for 2D barcodes, a simple 1D Bluetooth scanner such as the Motorola CS3070 works perfectly with iOS devices. I run them in my own systems and have found them very reliable.