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Barcode scripting questions

Question asked by JimZ on Aug 13, 2015
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Barcode scripting questions


So I have bar codes assigned to all of my assets in a database. I created a find bar code button so that people can just scan the bar code on the asset and all the info pops up. The only issue I am running into is when someone scans a bar code that is not in the database. When this happens my script runs them through a bunch of prompts that I don't want them having to deal with. What I would like to script is something that prompts them asking if they want to add a new asset with the new bar code. The following is my current code.

Go to layout [Assets(Assets)]

enter find mode

insert from device [Assets::Barcode;Type: Bar Code; Camera: Back; Resolution: Full]

commit records/requests

perform find


Not sure if there is a way to say if find returns no matching records than display custom dialog box and cancel find. Any help or thoughts on this is greatly appreciated.