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Barcodes and Scanning Help

Question asked by JuliaLatino on Dec 3, 2012
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Barcodes and Scanning Help


     My program currently uses FilerMaker Pro 12 to organize out lending library. We are trying to swtich from a card and pocket system to barcode scanning. I'm pretty confused and I have a few questions:

     1. Am I correct in assuming that a barcode plug-in will create a barcode for my assets and store it with the asset, perhaps in the image section?

     (such as this one by IDAutomation

     2. After creating and printing a barcode for a book, I can hook up a USB barcode scanner and scan the barcode. Then the asset should come up in FileMaker? 

     3. Will I be able to print the barcodes onto labels? 


     I'm sorry for the silly questions. This is all a little hard to visualize, and since you have to purchase everything, I don't really have the opportunity for hands-on exploration. I'm thankful for any help.