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Barcodes, Scanners, and Inventory

Question asked by WillGonz on Jul 8, 2009
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Barcodes, Scanners, and Inventory


I am doing an inventory of items in a store room.  The items have barcodes and I have a barcode scanner.  My items in the inventory have a barcode number, Item name, and amount in stock.

When someone takes an item from the store room they will need to scan the barcode. Once they scan the barcode it will decrease the current count by 1. I would like a script to just run on a simple layout that just says something like "Scan Out Each Item!" then wait for an item number.  When they scan the item maybe the item shows the name and other information, and decreases the inventory count.  They would continue scanning items and doing this all without having to go to the computer.  


How could I do this?