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Barcoding and batch processing

Question asked by 1biokat on Dec 29, 2010
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Barcoding and batch processing


Thanks in advance for your assistance.  I am an Engineer and not a regular FileMaker user, but have been learning bits and pieces of the software in order to try to improve our companies productivity and tracking of product.

I have already learned how to add barcoding based on a string (such as serial number or catalog number), but I was wondering how to go about setting it up so that a wireless barcode scanner can be used to enter information about product.  While lots of people have talked of barcode scanners being more like keyboards to enter data, it seems that this binds you to your computer (use the mouse to select the cell, then scan the barcode and the value is filled in for you).  I am wondering how to set it up (or what type of barcode scanner to use) such that you can possibly scan the barcode to identify the item (part1) and then a barcode to identify the command ("move from current location to location __") then scan the barcode for the new location (locationB).

Along these lines I am also wanting to group items.  I would like to be able to move a known quantity of items 1-30 to box "X" thus automatically decreasing those quantities by the appropriate amounts from there current location in stock, assign them to box "X" and then at some point move this box "X" from location "A" to person "B".  Then when person "B" sends it back I would like to be able to quickly process the whole group (scan barcode "X", and possibly some command barcode pulling it back into inventory "location A" and possibly another command ("all items included except ____").

Thanks again for your assistance.