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Barcoding in Filemaker

Question asked by AlyDewji on Aug 31, 2014
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Barcoding in Filemaker


Hi, I am currently building an ERP system for my business.  I have made a document registry that is used to store a soft copy of all company documents.

In trying to modernize the system, I am thinking of using a bare coding system as follows.  The process is simple and is outlined as per example.

Table 1 : Expense

  • kf_UUID = Get(UUID)  - This is a unique key
  • Document Container  - Container Field to Store the Document
  • Expense Amount - Number
  • Expense Date - Date Stamp

What I want is that when we are to make an expense, a new record is created in Table 1.  The kf_UUID is auto generated along with the Expense Amount and Date.  A form is to printed on A4 which will be the Petty Cash Voucher (PCV).  This will be taken to the Cashier who will disburse the cash for the said expense.

Once the expense has been made with the supplier, the relevant invoice is to be attached to the PCV and is brought to the central registry where an Ipad like set up will be made.  The screen will only allow (from all the full features of the ERP) for the user to Scan the PCV Barcode.  Once the barcode is scanned, the system will recognize that it is a PCV and search the relevant table for the relevant document.  Then the same Ipad will be used to take a picture of the Invoice and place it in the container field.

The reason to barcode is that we are to issue LPOs, Petty Cash, Fuel Orders, all from the system so an assorted range of stationary linked to different table will be printed.  I do not want my staff to go all over the database to start entering a reference number (That can be repeated) but instead want a quick barcode system to do so.

In my research I have found an addon script on the below website:

It can generate barcodes but how do I scan them back into the system and decrypt them?

Any help would be very much appreciated as I seem to have hit a wall.


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