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Barcoding to Organize

Question asked by Janina on Aug 25, 2009
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Barcoding to Organize



I'm just setting up our Filemaker Pro and my ultimate goal is for the system to organize our equiptment by barcode. I've been attempting to research barcodes and which solution would be best, but there is an overwhelming amount and not much is making sense. So if you could perhaps direct me in the right direction... or explain, anything would be helpful.


a. I need to figure out an efficient and a cheap way to label our video gear. I looked into metal barcodes, but they are extremely expensive. Now I'm thinking of using a brother P-Touch. Does anyone have any experience with it and what model? Woudld you recommend it?


b. How can I generate barcodes so that each item has a different one? 


c. Is there any Filemaker Pro compatiable device?