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    Base Elements Plug in



      Base Elements Plug in


      I am working with the BaseElements plug in. My machine is 64 bit.

      The 64 bit down load is not what i would expect and does not work. I downloaded the 32 bit, it installs and i can see it in my plug in's from FM... but its not evaluating correctly.

      I've tried BE support, but they only have paid support, even for things like this.

      Has anyone had this issue and resolved it???

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          Your post is unclear. What you have installed and you did not state your OS.   If the plugin is 32bit then you need to run 32bit FM.   The MAC is only 64bit with a 32bit mode.    On a PC you will need the 32bit plugin for 32bit FM or 64bit plugin for 64bit software.   You will have to uninstall the 64bit then reinstall 32bit FM.


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            I'm on windows 8, its a 64 bit.

            The 64 bit for Base Elements is weird... its not a FM file.

            The 32 is red, the 64 is blue. I've downloaded the 64 twice to make sure im getting the right one.

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              Nothing in the documentation states that it will run in FMP14 64bit.  It states that the 64bit is for FMS.  I don't believe that it has been updated since FMP14 was released.  The date listed on the plugin is 12/19/2014.  I'm sure they will update for FMP14 in the future. 


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                I also have windows 8.1 64bit, but I have installed both 32 and the 64 bit FM and they both run fine. I can see hardly any difference in perfomance between the two, so I suppose just installing the 32 bit version should work fine.

                As for the Base-Elements plug-in, I se you have it installed in one of the "legacy-locations" in the the extensions-folder in the program-folder. The correct location should be: %userprofile%\AppData\Local\FileMaker\FileMakerProAdvanced\14.0\Extensions\. This location is also used when the function "Install plug-in" is used to update a plug-in

                So far in both versions 32 and 64 bit the functions I use from the BE-plug-in work without trouble, so which functions you have trouble with?