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Basic counter script

Question asked by zackdenzer on Aug 30, 2010
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Basic counter script


I am trying to learn how to use the scripts. This one is just a basic counter loop I was trying. I wanted the script to go to the next record 10 times, then stop. I put that last set field just to see if the script went through. I am using the sample tutorial that comes with filemaker pro 11. The "field" is just a global txt field I created. Needless to say, it isnt working.

Show all records

Go to record/request [first]

Set Field [Members::Field; Members::Field=0]


Go To Record/Request [next]

Exit Loop if [Members::Field=10]

Set field [Members::field +1]

End Loop

Set field [Members:: Home Address 2; Members Home Address 2=1]