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Basic FMP 10 question

Question asked by Saba on Sep 25, 2009
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Basic FMP 10 question


I am new to the Mac and have only just doscovered FMP. I have used MS Access in the past to create my own databases from scratch including reports.


I am trialing FMP 10 on my MACbook Pro using OS 10.5.7 however, I am struggling with the concept of having all these database files and no one-place to view them. I'm sure there must be.


I want to create a DB that has contacts, inventory, costs/income, tasks/to do, email campaigns, marketing campaigns etc etc. It appears that I have a new window for each item and I am unable to gather all this together so that I can just flick through the database for information. DO I have to load each file separately? At this stage thats all I need to know but would be grateful for any newbie tips you may have to share. Thanks.