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    Basic Host Question



      Basic Host Question


           Hi Long Time FM user started w 3.o them 5 now ug tp FMPro12 small ooffice network Data files on Win8PC, other PCs are xp.

           Question since I have been use to storing data on Network Storage Device, does the fm file hAVE to be opened on the Win8 pc in order to acces them from the xp machines ?

           or cam I acces them withouth opening them on the WIn 8. Sometimed the XP used gets in before the wIN8 USER.



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               It's not recommended. What you describe requires placing the file in a shared folder and opening the file directly. That creates a situation where there is a risk of corrupting the file should two users try to open the file at the same time. It can also open the door to corruption if you make design changes to the file and there is a network glitch when saving those changes.

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                 Answered my question ON FM site. Thanks






            To enable a FileMaker Pro file for FileMaker Network sharing it must be opened in FileMaker Pro.  Once open, you must configure the network access for the file in the FILEMAKER NETWORK SETTINGS dialog box.   The FILEMAKER NETWORK SETTINGS dialog box is where you enable, disable, and modify network access to any file that is currently opened in FileMaker Pro.  You can get to this dialog box by: