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Basic IWP not working in built runtime

Question asked by Contour on Nov 18, 2009
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Basic IWP not working in built runtime


After reading the help files and dozens of posts, I've made my first attempt at enabling IWP in my FMP 10 application (built as a runtime for Windows Vista computers).  I went through the steps of activating IWP on port 80, and left the default page enabled.  Everything seemed to be configured properly and the runtime built as usual.


However, with the runtime installed on the target PC, I get no response whatsoever when I attempt to directly communicate with my app using IE.  The first URL I entered was http://localhost::80/fmi/iwp.   I've also tried


I've confirmed that file sharing is enabled on the PC.  What other basic tests can I run to help isolate the problem?  Is there any sample application that I can install as a test case?  BTW, the development computer I use for preparing my application is not connected to the Internet, so my testing is limited to the target PC.


Thanks in advance for any help.