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    Basic IWP not working in built runtime



      Basic IWP not working in built runtime


      After reading the help files and dozens of posts, I've made my first attempt at enabling IWP in my FMP 10 application (built as a runtime for Windows Vista computers).  I went through the steps of activating IWP on port 80, and left the default page enabled.  Everything seemed to be configured properly and the runtime built as usual.


      However, with the runtime installed on the target PC, I get no response whatsoever when I attempt to directly communicate with my app using IE.  The first URL I entered was http://localhost::80/fmi/iwp.   I've also tried


      I've confirmed that file sharing is enabled on the PC.  What other basic tests can I run to help isolate the problem?  Is there any sample application that I can install as a test case?  BTW, the development computer I use for preparing my application is not connected to the Internet, so my testing is limited to the target PC.


      Thanks in advance for any help.



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          Runtime systems cannot publish to the web. This is a built in limitation of run time files.


          Quoting from the Filemaker Pro Advanced Development Guide: "FileMaker Pro File Sharing, serving a database on the web, or communicating with a Java applet requires FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Pro Advanced."

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            That's strange ... because everything mentions FileMaker Pro Runtime ... whereas FileMaker Pro Advanced is the application that may be used to build runtimes (among other things).


            Do you know of any other reference that specifically states that runtimes don't support IWP?



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              Thanks for the responses.  Indeed, those third-party links confirm that it doesn't appear to be supported.  But does anyone know of a statement in FileMaker's own material that positively states IWP is not supported in runtime versions of FileMaker Pro?  I can't find one, which seems odd.  Maybe it is supposed to work, but doesn't.



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                Sharing solutions over a network. Users cannot share your runtime database solution over a network unless they access the files using. FileMaker Pro or ...



                This script step is:
                not supported in web publishing
                not supported in a FileMaker Server scheduled script
                not supported in runtime solutions
                This script step is the same as choosing File menu > Sharing > FileMaker Network.


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                  Thanks for the references.  I must point out that psychologists would call that (FileMaker's) method of statements "indirect communication".  


                  Here's the definition of IWP from FileMaker Pro help:


                  Instant Web Publishing
                  A method of sharing your FileMaker databases with other users via a web browser. Web clients are limited to the layouts that you provide and to the privilege sets assigned to their user accounts.
                  To access your database on the web, clients must have the fmiwp extended privilege.
                  To publish your database on the web, you must have an internet connection (usually provided through an internet service provider) and an IP address.


                  My point is that I've used FileMaker almost daily for three years -- and have known of IWP's general capabilities for almost as long.  But I didn't know IWP wasn't supported in runtimes because nothing ever says IWP is not available in built runtimes.  There, now it's said.  I just wish FileMaker would have said it -- especially since setup and build proceed normally, with absolutely no indication that it's not going to work.  Per the above definition, I doubt that I'm alone in assuming it was just a part of FileMaker.  Hopefully, others will benefit from these posts.


                  Thanks again for your assistance.



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                       Well considering that runtimes are not networkable, and IWP would be used for multiple users at the same time, I dont think it makes sense that an IWP option with runtime be available. 
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                      Thank you for your posts.


                      Just to confirm, Instant Web Publishing is not available via a Runtime solution.


                      Since this has caused some confusion, I have forwarded this entire thread to our manager of Product Documentation for review.



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