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basic portal question

Question asked by n/a on May 10, 2010
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basic portal question


Using FMP 8.5 with XP and am having difficulty with portals.


I have three tables:


  • STUDENT INFORMATION (Fields = name, ss_number, student_id_pk, etc)....
  • ATTENDANCE (Fields =student_id, date_ID, ss_number, and attendance yes or no)
  • DATE OF CLASS (Fields = date_IDpk, date)

The STUDENT INFORMATION table is related to the ATTENDANCE table via student_id.

The ATTENDANCE table is related to the DATE OF CLASS table via date_id.


I have created a portal on the DATE OF CLASS layout (based on DATE OF CLASS table) that references matching records in the ATTENDANCE table for student name, id, and ss_number. I have also created a drop down menu for student names from a value list based on the student names field.


I use this portal for daily data entry of attendance and would like the student ss_number to prepopulate after I select/enter a student's name. Is this something that should happen automatically if I have the relationships correct, or will I need some kind of script for this?


Any advice would be appreciated.  Thanks.