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    Basic question on setting up layouots



      Basic question on setting up layouots


      I am considering buying FM Pro. I would use the database to keep track of medications (with fields med1, med2, etc) with a "yes/no" button to show if the med was currently being used. If I want only the active meds to print on another layout (Physician Progress Report), how would I set up the fields on that layout? I was thinking I could have the same fields (med1, med2, etc) and have the fields slide up if some of the meds were not active. Will this work or is there a better way?

      (Please be specific in your suggestions--haven''t used FM in over 10 yrs!) Thanks so much!

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          Before we talk layouts we have to talk in terms of tables and how they are related. It sounds like you should have a table where each medication is a separte record instead of using separate fields. What you do next depends one how you need to use this database. What is a Pysician's Progress Report? It seems likely that you will have a Patients table where you have one record for each patient. And you might find it useful to create a table for your Physician's Report if you need to keep track of each such report you create. A table for all types of medication might also be useful here so that you can use it for value lists when createing records in the Meds table. A table that logs when each medication was administered might also be useful.

          Portals would be a good thing for you to investigate here as you can use it to work with a group of related records that all match to a record in another table. For example, a portal on a patient based layout could list all their medications with one portal record for each medication that is being administered to that patient.