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Basic Relational Question

Question asked by BobCutler on Feb 17, 2010
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Basic Relational Question



I'm a relative newbie using FileMaker. I'm using FM Pro 10.0v3 on a Mac running under OS X 10.6.2


I have begun a relational database setup which I will illustrate as follows.  A group of patients (the NAME Table) have had multiple surgeries (SURGERIES Table) and each surgery has several tables of data, ANESTHESIA being only one of them.


                                      SURGERIES                            ANESTHESIA

NAME                                SurgNum  ----------------------- SurgNum

PatientNum  -----------------  PatientNum                          ============

==========                ============                  Description

PatientName                    DateOfSurgery                          SurgeryNum

 PatientNum                      SurgeryNum



I need some ideas on how to quickly get from a selected patient to choose one of his surgeries (perhaps in a portal) and then jump to a selected layout of other data, such as Anesthesia.


Thanks in advance for any suggestions.