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Basic Relationship Query

Question asked by keith on Feb 10, 2012
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Basic Relationship Query


FM11 on Mac

I have a basic personal/small business DB which works OK but I would like to change the relationships which currently use Company Names as the match fields. I wish to change to numerical IDs so that if a Company name is changed it doesn't affect the relationship.

I have manually changed to IDs and the relationship works fine. However, I'm unsure how to do this properly for new entries.

For example, in an invoices file, I wish to select a Company Name which then automatically gives the correct ID to pull in the details from the Contacts File.

I have watched the video which shows this but I still can't see how it is done, i.e. when ABC plc is selected the ID appears. It states that the ID cannot be seen as there is a pop up menu attached. 

Can someone explain where the ID originates in the video and why does the ID not change to the Company name when this is selected.

I'm sure this is very basic but I cannot find any info on it.