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Basic Relationships

Question asked by CountryBoy1 on Oct 18, 2008
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Basic Relationships


  Why doesn't "Allow creation of records in this table via this relationship." work (in the Manage Data Base Relationships)  between tables related by a key index ?

  When I create a new record in a master table, a child table (that has also the key index) does
not create a new record.  The master table uses "indexed, auto-increment, unique" settings for
the key index.  I have tried different settings for the key index in the child tables and nothing
seems to work.  Do I have to write a script program to create the new records ?  I have six child tables that need to have new records created whenever I create a new record in the master table.  It would be nice to have new records in the child tables automatically created.

   I used Filemaker Pro 6 years ago and just got back into using Filemaker Pro again.  I have ver.

9 and 9 Advanced.