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Basic Relationships

Question asked by carlz_1 on Mar 7, 2009
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Basic Relationships


Using FM 10.


I am still new to this and am having a difficult time with Relationships.


I have 2 tables, Applicants and facilities.  I want to be able to choose a facility by name and have the name, address, city state and zip automatically populate when I choose a facility name from a drop down menu.  I am able to get the drop down menu of the facilities to work fine but the address, city state and zip do not populate.  I use the structure _kp_appl for the primary key of the applicant table and _kf_appl for the foreign key.  The same is true for facilities, _kp_facil and _kf_facil.


I am starting to understand this...  I think the issue is what table the layout is based on and whether I connect the primary to the foreign.  What i am doing now that does not work is the layout is based on the applicants table and the _kp_appl on Applicants is connected to _kf_appl in the facilities table.


If anyone can help or give me a rule of thumb to do this properly, i would and do appreciate it very much.


One other unrelated question, is there any way to show a field on a layout but disallow changing it?  I know i can use merge fields but those don't truncate the field name in layout mode and it makes it difficult to place them when they are aligned close to one another.


Thank you.