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Basic Report

Question asked by EricaJackson on Oct 12, 2012
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Basic Report



     Not havign any luck tackling basic report.  Two tables using anchor bouy

     Client::ClientID ------< Intervention::ClientID

     Intervention::Client ID >-------Client::ClientID 

     I can't seem to create a report so that it doesn't look like a spread sheet.

     I want to see a report  that looks like this :

     Joe Doe   zip code  etc   (fields from the Client table)  on one line

                        Intervention details record 1 

                        Intervention details record 2  (and so on relating to the records related to the date of intervention)

     Jane Dane  zip code

                         Intervention details record 1

                         Intervention details record 2

                         Intervention details record 3   (Etc. .....)

     I know I need to base the report layout on the Interventions table but I'm lost as to how to categorize the fields.   The report I have come up with is very cluttered having the client name and address repeated on the same line with each intervention record , only the fields in the body show up in the preview ... very confusing for a novice like me.  I would like to sort the report by the zip code which is a field from the client table so how do I set it up if I base the layout off the Intervention table?

     Thanks for the help!