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Basic Sales Template

Question asked by SarahBeck on Jun 22, 2011
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Basic Sales Template


Hi all,

This question may have been asked many times, but I couldn't find anything in the forums.  I am looking for a very basic sales template.  I am brand new to Filemaker and don't have a lot of time right now to learn much about it. (I would study it more if I had the time, and will, but not at the moment!)  The invoice templates included in the starter systems are too bulky for me.  Basically I want to enter the sales as I make them each day in my retail shop and print off a receipt to hand to the customer if they need more than their credit card receipt.  I'd like to be able to put in the date, select the product from a drop down menu like you can do in the invoice templates (after entering products and their price etc) and have the tax and total calculated for me. I am sick of handwritten receipts! Smile I also want to be able to look at monthly/ yearly sales and tax totals. That's pretty much all I need.   I don't want to put in their address, because it isn't needed for a retail sale.  Is there a simple template out there for this?  I guess I basically want to use filemaker as my POS terminal....

I did also download the business productivity kit, which didn't help either.


Sarah...trying to get organised.