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Basic Script - Find and Move records

Question asked by gnf on Feb 1, 2013
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Basic Script - Find and Move records



     I'm very, very new to Filemaker and am trying to design and create a database from an exisiting Excel spreadsheet of orders. In Excel I had a tab for Current Orders, and then tabs for completed orders, by year - to limit the number of records we have to view at any one time. This kept past orders available to view history of products, or customers, or vendors and make reports.

     I'd like to have something similar in Filemaker. From looking through this forum, and trying to learn, I see 2 ways of potentially settting this up:

     1. one database, with script that would move records from one layout to another when an order is complete

     2. two databases, with a script that would move records from one database to another, either upon closing out at the end of the day, or opening the current orders in the morning. 

     Any suggestion on which is better, and why?

     In working with Idea #1, I can do a script to show just the current orders upon opening the Current Orders layout, but then how do I restrict the records on this layout so that  when I do a find, completed orders are not included without having to always add that option in the find? 

     Thanks in advance for your help/suggestions!