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Batch Find

Question asked by hambonejwj on Nov 28, 2009
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Batch Find


I am trying to figure out how to do a "batch find" on our database.  I have a text file of first and last names from a recent event.  Rather than doing a manual lookup of each name, I would like to use this text file to do a "batch query".  The query would display all the records matching the names in the text file.  (A bonus would be to just use the first initial of the first name in the text file with the last name so we could pick up names that are not exact matches such as Jackie Nelson vs Jacquelyn Nelson.)  I want to be able to do data entry on the records matching the names in the text file.


The database in question is running Filemaker server 7 and the clients are Filemaker Pro 7.  The clients are hosted on Mac and Windows XP pro machines and Filemaker server is hosted on a Windows server machine.


Our members table has first and last name fields. 


I work as a volunteer tech for a non-profit and am not much beyond a beginner in Filemaker.  I have worked with relationships Filemaker and initially thought a Join operation could be used to find the records matching the first and last names.