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    Batch information



      Batch information


           This is the scenario, I have a table batches linked to recipes linked to recipe data linked to ingredients:

           Batch >-- Recipe --< Recipe Data >--- Ingredients  

           A batch makes multiple quantities of a recipe, so the qty of ingredient in the Recipe data has to be multiplied for the batch and relates to that batch.  Right now that calc is done as Recipe Data::BatchQty = Batch::Multiplier * Recipe Data::IngredientQty.

           That is the wrong way to do it because the BatchQty changes with every new batch and reflects back to other batches.  Suggestions? 

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               You'll need an additional table linked to Batch, but generated from Recipe Data via a script each time you create a new Batch Record. The records in this table can refer to the quantity in Batch in order to compute the batch based quantitites.