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Batch-import of MP3-files to container

Question asked by StenStemme on Apr 5, 2013
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Batch-import of MP3-files to container


     I just learned from (very helpful) FileMaker support that you can not batch-import MP3-files (via Import folder) to be embedded in the FileMaker file. Batch-import of MP3-files only supports related records. So you would always have to maintain the MP3-file folder intact. This connection is vulnerable, and also impossible to use on FileMaker Go. 

     You can embed the MP3-files, but only one by one, as QuickTime-files, into each record's containter field. This is undoable with 100s of MP3-files.

     FileMaker support suggested use of a script that uses the pathway to the MP3-files, to import the actual MP3-files into the FileMaker file. 

     Any suggestions? Previous threads?