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Battery of tests Table set up

Question asked by tomo17 on Nov 6, 2013
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Battery of tests Table set up


     I am after some advice about what would be the best set up for a database that records a range of fitness testing. I have previously used a table that had all of the tests as fields.  Each record was based on a player and the date that the test was recorded.  Not all tests were conducted on the same day

     RecordID, PlayerID, Date, Height, Weight, 2km TT, 20m sprint, VJ etc

     This created problems when I wanted to search for results for only one of the tests.  I would get all of the records created irrespective of whether that test was conducted.

     I am considering a different approach where I have a test type field that the user chooses from a drop down menu what test the results at that time are for


     RecordID, PlayerID, Date, Test Type, Trial 1, Trial 2, cBest

     This second approach would mean that I would use a portal based on a Player layout when I wanted to look at a specific test for an individual e.g. all the 2km TT for Player X.

     A downside of this approach is that I wouldn't be able to import data that has been reported on a excel spreadsheet nor would I be able to export as an excel.


     I would appreciate other people's advice or experiences in identifying what approach would be best.