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    Beep Script



      Beep Script


      I had a "beep" in my old filemaker 7 & after I upgraded to Filemaker 11, I no longer have it. I wrote about this & was told it does exist . I found it ,but do not know how to script it to get it back. Can someone advise how to script for a BEEP ?

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          For example, this will beep if no records found:

          Set Error Capture [On]
          Perform Find [Restore]
          If [Get (LastError) <> 0]
          Show Custom Dialog ["Couldn't find the record..."]
          End If
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            Who told you it no longer exists?

            The step is still there, unchanged, and your script should still work as far as I can see. (tested Beep on my xp system and it beeps as it should...)

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              I stand by my post, and I agree with Phil.  But I just ran a one-step script 'Beep' in FM10 and 11 on my desktop and laptop (both XP) and... it doesn't work.  A small screen-flash, but no beep, neither from the PC speaker nor headphones.

              I suspect it is the setting on the workstation itself.  Checked that no audio settings are muted, etc.

              Can't say that it would have worked before on those PCs as the first thing I do is set all sounds to zero, so I've never used the script step.

              Edit - just answered my own point: the beep is considered a Windows warning and is suppressed if you set the Sounds in Control Panel to make NO sound.  Mine beeps when I turn that on.

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                I hear the beep on my machine, so must conclude it's an issue with your workstation. Does the sound card work? (and so on from there...)

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                  I am using intel iMac OSX 10.6.8 and FMP Advanced 11v4 and note that there is indeed a BEEP bug - as the beep script step no longer works.

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                    This could be a cross platform issue. Please note that I was testing a Windows Xp system. I don't hear any beep on it either as it has no speakers. If I plug in head phones, I hear it just fine--provided I haven't muted the sound card or something.

                    If you have checked out all possible issues and still don't get an audible "beep", please post a detailed report of this in Report an Issue so that the FileMaker techs can add it to their list of bugs. (And so I can add it to my Known Bugs List database if they confirm that this is indeed a bug.)

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                      Beep works fine here.

                      OSX 10.7.2    FM Pro 11.0v4