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Beginner - First Edit - Changing Field Names

Question asked by offdove on May 4, 2010
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Beginner - First Edit - Changing Field Names


I worked in a small group and used Filemaker for 13 years but never had to work with layouts.  Just inputing and using information.


I am at another job and had a resource from my old job make some adjustments to a data base so that I could use it at the new job.  Then I am planning to make basic changes myself.


I am using Filemaker Pro 10.0v1


My operating system is Windows XP Professional.


My first edit was going to be changing a field name.  I have read a book and looked in help and the directions are the same.


I go to layout; File, Manage, Database;


In the field list I highlight a name and change the name in the box and then click the change button.


The field name does not change though - instead the info in the box that says what kind of info to input changes.


What basic mistake am I making?


Thank you