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Beginner - problem with portal

Question asked by JillAnderson on Mar 1, 2011
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Beginner - problem with portal



I am creating a database to keep equine records in using one of the starter solution databases and then making modifications. I created a portal that would allow us to track medical notes with the following fields: Date, Treatment, Notes. I created these 3 fields in my main table, then created a new table called "Medical history" and added these fields to that table. My portal was set up to draw information from the table "medical history" and I created a relationship between the main table "date", "treatment" and "notes" fields and the same fields in my "medical history" table. I also selected "allow creation of portal records in the relationship editing screen. 

So my portal works fine - mostly. When I type in one set of information and then go to the next portal row, the fields automatically populate with the information I typed in the previous row. I am assumining I messed up somewhere in the relationship. Does anyone recognize a glaring mistake I made? Can you help?