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Beginner // pivot table

Question asked by XavierGodron on Apr 2, 2014
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Beginner // pivot table



     I am new to FileMaker so the answer to my question may be really stupid...

     I am developing a file to follow the OPEX of different project companies.

     I have 2 tables: ProjectCompany & Invoices with a one to many relationship. The Invoices table has many fields in particular YearOfOperation, Amount and CategoryOfOPEX (8 categories). For each Project Company, I want to create something that looks like this:

                    Category OPEX                     Yr 1                     Yr 2                     Yr 3                     Yr 4                     Yr 5
                    1.                     Sum(amount)                                                                                        

     I'd like the Sum(amount) to be usable to draw some charts and to compare with Business Plan.

     This would be very easy with Excel but I have not managed to do this w/ FMP.

     Can anyone help?