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beginner help needed  - thanks!

Question asked by ppsatlanta on Dec 12, 2008
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beginner help needed  - thanks!


I have a layout that has only one field that does not show up when the applicant is taken to the page; therefore, I am not getting the information I need.   I have followed all the directions I can find in my instruction book, but it still won't work.  I can tell you how to get there so you can see for yourself because I don't really know how best to explain it.

go to:
click on Application Available: Leadership Unplugged in the middle of the page
click on Apply in the headings across the top of the page
click on the application
click on the top button for Leadership Unplugged Program Application
click through until you get to the Interview page - at the bottom, the field to tell about the interviews does not appear until you click in that space